You can retrieve various data from Weblate in machine readable format.

RSS feeds

To follow translation progress you can use RSS feeds which include all important changes in translation. More information about exported RSS feeds is available in the documentation.

Project URL Link
Hola RSS
Hola/android RSS
Hola/extension RSS
Hola/site cdn RSS
Hola/site hola RSS
Hola/site lum RSS

There are also per language RSS feeds available, you can construct them by appending a language code to the above URLs.


Translation statistics for every subproject in JSON format allow you to use these data in other websites or tools. Format of the data is described in the documentation.

Project URL Link
Hola/android Download
Hola/extension Download
Hola/site cdn Download
Hola/site hola Download
Hola/site lum Download

Notification hooks

With notification hooks, Weblate will automatically import changes done by your developers and will allow continuous translation. More information is available in the documentation.

Project URL Link
Hola Hook
Hola/android Hook
Hola/extension Hook
Hola/site cdn Hook
Hola/site hola Hook
Hola/site lum Hook

Weblate also supports direct notification from several code hosting sites:

Hosting site URL Note
GitHub Enable Weblate service hook in repository settings.